Logging in

Log in to your Twitch account with TwitchOverlay.

The first time that you start TwitchOverlay, you'll be greeted with a screen similar to this one.

Start off by putting your Twitch username under the "username" field. Now we need to get an oauth token to finish connecting.

oAuth Tokens

As of Sept. 17, 2013, Twitch now requires that you log into IRC using an OAuth token instead of your plaintext password or hash for additional security.

What in the world is an oAuth token?

An oAuth token is needed to connect to Twitch's IRC (Internet Relay Client, or just "chat") server.

An oAuth token is not your password. You will not be able to connect with your Twitch account password.

How do I get one?

  • Click the "Connect with Twitch" button

  • At the authorization prompt, click "Authorize"

  • Copy the textbox contents under "Use the following password to login to chat


Now that we've got the oAuth token, we can log in to TwitchOverlay. Press the "Log in" button to do so.